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CHICKEN LIBERATION 2008 opportunity to legally liberate 13,500 chickens in July

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Datum: 04.06.2008 15:16
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Something we could all support.



Legal Chicken Lib 2008

An APPEAL to you all.

We have the opportunity to legally liberate 13,500 chickens in July
(near Brighton). We desperately need homes for them. Please please let
us know if you can help us.
Whether it is 1, 10 or 100 we would love to hear from you.
We also need boxes vehicles and drivers and donations and
folk to help on the days as well. As soon as we have the dates we will
send them out.

If you can help please contact Brighton Animal Action

htttp://www. brightonanimalaction.org

Please post this where ever you can - myspace, emails,
forums, Message Boards etc.

Many thanks.

Yet again Brighton Animal Action have the chance to give these 'end of
lay' birds an extended life.

We will be going into the farm in mid-July.

If you can take any birds or know anyone who can please contact us. We
MUST know before the beginning of July.

If you can't take any chickens, perhaps you would consider helping us
with the practicalities of rescuing them.

We need boxes, tape, hay and money. We may even need some drivers.

Almost 3,500 birds were saved from slaughter last year.  Let's try and
save more in 2008.

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