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Von: Old Codger (oldcodger@anyoldwhere.net) [Profil]
Datum: 10.05.2008 09:47
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gooby says:
cruel practice

i heard about something last night that in my opinion is totally out
of order, somebody recently caught a 8lb cod out of my local dock and
decided to take it home for the table , now there is nothing wrong
with that , what is wrong is that  this person kept the fish alive
lying on the promenade, the fish was still gasping for breath over an
hour later thats when my friend who witnessed it left,  so it could
have been alive for much longer . when my friend asked if it's being
kept for the table why not despatch it

the answer that came back was i want to keep it as fresh as possible.
this practise is cruel and sensless if a fish is to be kept please
despatch it STRAIGHT AWAY, not after you have made your next cast but
straight away , that was one of the first things i was taught when i
first started sea fishing and that's what i will do till the day i
can't fish anymore.

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