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Fishing a cruel 'sport' where the victim has no chance. Some sport!

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Datum: 10.05.2008 09:43
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From the Lancashire Evening Telegraph, first published Wednesday 14th
May 1997.

THAT fishing is one of the most popular pastimes may be true, but when
actor Geoffrey Palmer tried to cast some light on the 'sport' in a new
TV series (LET, May 12) this is not true.

For whatever angling is, it is most certainly not a sport.

To be a sport, both sides must have an equal chance.

Some say boxing is cruel, but that is not so, for both contestants
enter the ring freely.

But anglers take advantage of harmless, innocent fish by every unfair
and cowardly means.

So 'pastime' I will agree, but 'sport' - never.

The angler tries to give a fish the impression he is being kind by
offering the fish a tempting morsel.

If the fish takes it, it gets a barbed hook in its mouth.

So, at best, an angler is a cowardly con-artist who has not the guts
to take up a real sport where the competion is equal and fair.

LEN RUSHTON, Bowland House, Larkhill, Blackburn.

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