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Derek Moody: Would you go on a charter boat with this weirdo?

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Datum: 10.05.2008 09:30
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On Wed, 5 Mar 2008 23:46:57 +0000, Derek Moody

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>> >Its obviously big news and not something that can be missed.


>> >Inbetween some family meetings and conversations with lawyers, I will keep
>> >an eye on the subect and post to this thread.

>Please don't bother.

Now now Moody. You might like to dress up as an overweight gnome and
fish all day, claim it as an exercise and still wonder why you're
overweight,then come here and bully the regulars but we don't like
that kind of thing round here.

I think as we are talking sock puppets, some people might like to know
one of your hobbies is making puppets, and playing with dolls! Not to
mention the animal abuse and children's pictures you favor in the
websites you design, if you can call them designs!!

Quite scary really!


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