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Out of the mouths of babes. What the gnomes dont want to hear.....Q: Is fishing cruel?

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Datum: 10.05.2008 09:35
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Is fishing cruel?

Scientists have just proved that fish feel pain.
Does this make fishing cruel? Do you think having a hook put through
their mouths is a horrid way of catching them?

Maybe you won't eat fish anymore?

Or perhaps you think it's not a problem, and that it's wrong to put
human feeliings in a fish's head?

I think fishing is very cruel. Just because fish can't show they are
experiencing agonising pain, doesn't mean it's ok to still stick a
hook through their mouths for fun.
Marie, 12, Boston

I think that it's horrible. How would you like to have a huge, sharp
hook stuck in YOUR mouth? It wouldn't be that pleasant.
Chantal, 12, Sevenoaks

I come from one of the fishing ports in Cornwall and our lives depend
on fishing, because people love to come down here and fish. We would
hardly be able to live down here if it wasn't for fishing.
Shona, 12, Cornwall

I think that any form of hurting animals is cruel.
Laura, 11, Yeovil

I'm not a vegetarian but I do think killing any kind of animal is
wrong and cruel. They have a right to life as we do so I don't think
it's fair. However, I don't see why this is in the newspapers becasue
they never make that much fuss over cows, pigs or sheep.
Amy, 14, Preston

You don't see wild animals who are hunting for survival caring about
their prey. It's all part of the food chain!
Bob, 13, Cardiff

No, fishing isn't cruel. It's just the same as slaughtering animals
which we eat too. Admittedly though, fishing for fun is cruel as the
fish doesn't recover from the hook.
Victoria, 13, Herts

I don't think it's cruel, I just think it's frighteningly boring!
Sophie, 13, Leicester

I think that fishing is great, even if the fish can feel pain. Fishing
is not any different from killing cows or lambs for dinner. They feel
pain as well, so why isn't anyone protecting them?
Danny, 13, Gravesend

I think it is sick. They have as much of a right to life as we do and
I don't agree at all.
Abi, 12, Exeter

I've always wanted fishing to be banned! I'm really glad that they've
finally proved this, as now I don't get "Oh they can't feel it!"
thrown in my face whenever I speak out against fishing. I'm a
vegetarian and I don't see why people always seem to think fishing is
any different from other sports involving animal cruelty. Plus, it's
not just the fish that get hurt. Ducks and swans are often injured by
wires that have been left behind, and anyway, why do we need fishing?
We don't need to eat it, and why should any animal, whether it's a
fish or not, have to suffer just so someone can have a little fun?
Saffron, 14, Doncaster

I think fishing for leisure is cruel, because you hurt the fish just
for fun. It's not so different to being cruel to cats and dogs, which
people get prosecuted for.
Sarah, 12, Leeds

I think that even if fish can feel pain, it shouldn't be stopped
altogether. However, now this has been discovered maybe you should
have to restrict how many people go fishing.
Helena, 11, London

I can't believe that they have just proven this! Fish are living and
have brains just like dogs or cats. I have never doubted that fishing
is cruel and even from a young age despised how fishermen catch fish.
Layla, 15, Paignton

This is stupid! If we keep going on like this, we are going to stop
eating anything that ever lived, including fruit, vegetables and all!
Beatrice, 14, France

I love fishing, and I'm a bit worried by this, but it probably won't
stop me.
Mike, 12, Berkhamsted
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