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Kangaroo slaughter at Australian navy base on hold

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Datum: 02.04.2008 10:00
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A plan to cull hundreds of kangaroos on an Australian military base
has been put on hold after a public outcry.

Dog comes to the rescue of baby kangaroo
Paul McCartney joins kangaroo cull protest
Kangaroo cull shelved
The proposed cull was opposed by animal rights campaigners, including
a British group, which enlisted the support of rock stars Sir Paul
McCartney and Chrissie Hynde.

Scientists said the kangaroos were over-grazing the former naval
communications base outside Canberra, threatening rare native
vegetation, the habitat of endangered insects and reptiles.

It was intended that the 400 eastern grey kangaroos would be herded
into pens, sedated with darts and then given lethal injections.

The marsupials have now won a reprieve, with the defence department
confirming that they will instead be relocated from the Australian
Capital Territory to neighbouring New South Wales.

Animal rights campaigners had threatened to act as "human shields" in
order to save the animals. The British group Viva - Vegetarians'
International Voice for Animals - had launched a petition against the
cull and said on its website that it had received support from people
in 25 countries.

The Japanese media gave the controversy extensive coverage, suggesting
that Australia's willingness to kill its national symbol undermined
the legitimacy of its opposition to Tokyo's annual whale hunt in

The department wants to undertake a scientific trial of kangaroo
management techniques, including translocation.

"Pending the Australian Capital Territory government's response to the
defence proposal, the cull of kangaroos at Belconnen Naval
Transmitting Station will be placed on hold," it said in a statement.

Australian farmers and professional shooters kill millions of
kangaroos a year, with the meat being mostly used for pet food and a
small amount for human consumption.

In 2004 there was an international outcry over the shooting of 900
kangaroos at a reservoir supplying water to Canberra. Eastern greys
are an appealing but plentiful species of kangaroo.

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