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Meat Causes World Hunger

Von: Osvald Hotz De Baar (curtains4u@upthorpe.farm.com) [Profil]
Datum: 06.03.2008 18:26
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Meat Causes World Hunger

Posted 4 March 2008
The truth can no longer be dodged. Livestock farming gobbles up
agricultural land, water and energy that could far more efficiently be
devoted to growing food for people to eat directly. Meat, therefore,
is a rich person's food and those who consume it - whether in India,
Denmark or England - cause malnourishment and death among the world's
poorest people.

When Animal Aid launched the first Veggie Month 15 years ago (the 2008
celebration begins March 1), hard evidence as to the impact of
meat-eating on the lives of impoverished people was mainly confined to
arcane journals. Today, the evidence showers down upon us like
hailstones. Do we put up our umbrellas and disregard the signs or do
we change direction?

The most recent storm warning was published in the Guardian this week.
The UN's World Food Programme said that the rising price of grain
means it no longer has enough money to keep global malnourishment at
bay this year. Millions more people face starvation. Rising commodity
prices have already caused food riots in Morocco, Yemen, Mexico,
Senegal and elsewhere.

While a switch in use of agricultural land from producing food to
producing biofuels is a major cause of the grain price rises, the
biggest factor is the accelerating demand for meat in increasingly
prosperous countries such as China and India.


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