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Discussion of UK cycling issues

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Penny Farthing... for farmers!GT08.06.10
Here's one for Doug...GT08.06.10
Cyclist half-strangled by taxi driver.Doug08.06.10
considerate cyclistsPeterG08.06.10
One for DougPeterG08.06.10
Bad cyclingZaz08.06.10
Are you Spanking the Monkey or Teasing the Monkey?His Highness the ...07.06.10
is this our Doug?Mrcheerful07.06.10
Is EN1078 a sufficiently good standard for cycl...Derek C07.06.10
Another one killed on a pavement and a wall sma...Doug07.06.10
Weekend away.Paul - xxx06.06.10
Old Gits are fighting backDerek C06.06.10
It's no secret the Christians keep us in a nice...His Highness the ...05.06.10
Yet another pavement killing, by police this time.Doug05.06.10
Children are fighting back!Doug05.06.10
List of cyclists killed.Doug05.06.10
What would Jesus ask a Darwinian? A possible ex...His Highness the ...05.06.10
super lucky cyclistMrcheerful04.06.10
"Car Junkie Detox"Doug04.06.10
"The stealthy electric bicycle used secretly by...Doug04.06.10
Venezuela would fulfill an American ultimate Ut...His Highness the ...04.06.10
"Hit-run driver leaves a trail of terror in S.F"Doug04.06.10
I was intimidated twice by terrorist cyclists t...PeterG03.06.10
What the Christians don't know makes them fat a...His Highness the ...03.06.10
URCM : Blocking is PermanentJMS03.06.10
Filling potholesTom Crispin03.06.10
Another cyclist killed by a motoristTom Crispin03.06.10
Nude model needed for naked bike ride (paid job)gary copland03.06.10
I was intimidated twice by terrorist motorists ...Doug03.06.10
"LA Bicycle Advisory Committee Convenes with LA...Doug03.06.10
Not even the cars moved when it was this coldthearklightreturns02.06.10
Cyclist in need...Tom Crispin02.06.10
Capitalism and EvolutionHis Highness the ...02.06.10
Do you know what the sheep are up to?His Highness the ...02.06.10
Taxi drivers to block traffic in London.Doug02.06.10
Morning ridePaul - xxx02.06.10
Western women are so repressed because they are...His Highness the ...01.06.10
Buy Locally Bike LocallyHis Highness the ...01.06.10
Compulsory testing for cyclistsash01.06.10
Behold the Lamb!His Highness the ...31.05.10
When will they ban these killer machines from t...Mrcheerful31.05.10
Say no to Nazi sheep hunting for homosHis Highness the ...30.05.10
More moaningthomas.covenant@r...30.05.10
Wisdom can only come from a hammockHis Highness the ...30.05.10
Stop cycling in towns to improve your healthMrcheerful30.05.10
Hollywood cops assault Critical Mass riders.Doug30.05.10
Jesus is a bullshitterHis Highness the ...30.05.10
How to grind an axe in urcmthirty-six30.05.10
OT Cyclists not in the UKDoug29.05.10
london bike messenger raceMrcheerful29.05.10