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LOOOOONG time no see... Squat question

Von: Kirsty Pollock (kpollock@hotmail.co.uk) [Profil]
Datum: 07.10.2009 13:26
Message-ID: <2638102c-6bc7-4d71-b1d3-c9c2a4b504d2@d34g2000vbm.googlegroups.com>
Newsgroup: uk.rec.bodybuilding
hello there guys, see there are still some of you about amongst the

I'm very much starting again after LONG layoff. I've got very-hard-to-
diagnose 'issues' with er, well that's a problem. Back? Hips? SI?
Neck? Legs?  *I* know its muscular cos I am the one feeling it,but
various physios,docs etc. have not been able to help. I stupidly
listened to the physios and gave up weights in favour of Pilates - to
no help at all. Though the ultrasound piccie showing my very very well
developed abs and obliques was kind cool....I carry the HLA B27 gene
which supposedly predisposes you to Ankylosing Spondylitis, but I pass
all physical diagnostic tests 100% - so no gakked up joints it seems.
Tried the starch-free diet (helps people with AS) No change. Loads of
water, loads of fish oil, self administerd trigger point therapy,
stretching - nothing touches the problem.

So fcuk it, back to weights.... If I am going to hurt anyway I will be
strong with it!!

Anyway  that's besides the point. My question is, as bloody ever,

I'm not ideally built for them, I will admit. I have long thighs,
short shins (literally 1.5" - 2" shorter than would be proportionate)
and inflexible ankles (which are reckoned by one physio to be
structural, NOT down to tight calves etc. I have done SO much calf
stretching in my time - to no avail). I have a slightly S-shaped spine
when seem from the side (kyphosis/lordosis). None of that is meant as
an excuse or anything, just background. I mean in the past I have done
20s with 65 kg all that notwithstanding.

I just cannot go down with anything resembling an upright back - Lower
back has arch, upper back is neutral/flat, but I lean forward *really*
far.  It doesn't hurt but I am sure it limits me. I cannot get drive.
If I want an upright back I must go RIGHT up on my toes, I mean total
tiptoe - shit for balance and worse for drive.

SO, what's the difference between me and people than can squat right
down all straight? And what's the best way to progress. Start with
boards under my heels?

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