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Six Important FAQ's About Creakic Creatine Pills

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Datum: 04.05.2009 13:41
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This is the first in a series to find out about Creakic. If you are a
bodybuilder, strength addict or conditioning freak, this supplement
may be for you. Years of research has been done and Creakic promises
results that few other supplements do. This article will focus on the
frequently asked questions (FAQ's) regarding Creakic. More in-depth
articles concerning Creakic will be coming in the next few days.
Creakic is one of the supplements which may change your thought
process on your intense training program.
1. What is CREAKIC?
Creakic is a new creatine-based supplement that neutralizes reactive
oxygen species (ROS) to maximize creatine absorption by your muscles
to support rapid muscle growth. What the heck does that mean to me?
Ok, Creakic will help the creatine get into your muscles faster.
2. What's in it?
Sorry for this but there is no way to put these words into English.
Creakic is a molecularly engineered, multipart form of creatine, known
chemically as creatine-6,8-thioctic acid-ketoisocaproic acid calcium.
See I told you! Regular creatine pills, like creatine ethyl ester, can
not neutralize the ROS (don't worry definitions are coming), so you
may only get so-so results....

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