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uk.rec.aquaria.miscAll aspects of aquaria
uk.rec.audioDiscussion and exchange of hi-fi audio equipment
uk.rec.audio.carCar audio systems discussion in the UK
uk.rec.audio.vinylHi-fi involving vinyl as the source
uk.rec.aviationFlying related interests/activities in the UK
uk.rec.birdwatchingDiscussion of all aspects of United Kingdom Birdwatching
uk.rec.boats.motorAll aspects of motor boating in the UK
uk.rec.boats.paddleFor matters relating to boats that are paddled
uk.rec.bodybuildingAspects of bodybuilding in the UK
uk.rec.campingDevoted to the discussion of camping in the uk
uk.rec.caravanningRecreational and technical aspects of caravanning
uk.rec.cars.4x4Discussions about 4 Wheel Drive & Off-Road Cars
uk.rec.cars.classicClassic Cars in the UK
uk.rec.cars.fuel.lpgConverting and running cars on LPG in the UK
uk.rec.cars.importsImporting cars and post-import issues
uk.rec.cars.kit-carConstruction, use, and repair of Kit-Cars in the UK
uk.rec.cars.maintenanceGeneral car maintenance
uk.rec.cars.mgHistory, use and repair of MG cars in the UK
uk.rec.cars.miscOther UK car topics
uk.rec.cars.modificationsAspects of car modifications (tuning, styling)
uk.rec.cars.tvrTVR Manufactured sports cars and relevant events
uk.rec.cars.vw.aircooledAll Aircooled VW Vehicles
uk.rec.cars.vw.watercooledVolkswagen water-cooled cars
uk.rec.cavingCaving, pot-holing etc. for sport/exploration/research
uk.rec.climbingRock climbing, ice climbing and mountaineering
uk.rec.collecting.coinsCoin and banknote collecting
uk.rec.collecting.miscAntiques and collectibles of interest in the UK
uk.rec.competitionsAnnouncement/discussion of UK based competitions
uk.rec.craftsNewsgroup for craft related topics in the UK
uk.rec.crafts.sewingDiscussion of sewing (by hand or machine) in the UK
uk.rec.cyclingDiscussion of UK cycling issues
uk.rec.dancingRecreational and competitive dancing within the UK
uk.rec.drivingDiscussion of all aspects of non-professional driving
uk.rec.drugs.cannabisCannabis use and abuse in the UK
uk.rec.engines.stationaryFor the preservation of stationary engines
uk.rec.equestrianDiscussion of general UK equestrian activities
uk.rec.fishing.coarseFor the discussion of coarse angling
uk.rec.fishing.gameFor the discussion of game angling
uk.rec.fishing.seaFor the discussion of sea angling
uk.rec.gambling.miscUK-related gambling discussion
uk.rec.gardeningTo discuss gardening topics relevant to the UK
uk.rec.gpsGlobal Positioning Systems and radio navigation systems
uk.rec.humourHumour with a UK perspective.
uk.rec.interior-designDesign and style aspects of home improvements
uk.rec.metaldetectingMetaldetecting topics in the UK
uk.rec.models.engineeringAll aspects of model engineering in the UK
uk.rec.models.radio-control.airUK Radio Control Aero Modelling
uk.rec.models.radio-control.landUK Radio Control Cars, Buggies, Trucks
uk.rec.models.railRailway model making
uk.rec.motorcaravansRecreational and technical aspects of motorcaravanning
uk.rec.motorcyclesFor discussion of motorcycle issues relevant to the UK
uk.rec.motorcycles.classicClassic motorcycles, owning, riding, restoring
uk.rec.motorcycles.trailridingFor those interested in motorcycle trailriding
uk.rec.motorsport.miscUK Motorsports, primarily from those involved
uk.rec.motorsport.oval-racingSupport and participation in oval track racing
uk.rec.natural-historyThe study of UK wildlife
uk.rec.naturistDiscussion,chat, on naturism in uk, europe
uk.rec.pets.miscPet care and related issues in the UK
uk.rec.photo.advertsAdverts for photographic equipment, services and jobs
uk.rec.photo.miscPhotography and Photographic issues in the UK
uk.rec.psychicPsychic matters
uk.rec.radio.cbGeneral discussion of Citizens' Band Radio in the UK
uk.rec.rights-of-wayUK rights of way and associated issues
uk.rec.runningRunning, jogging, racing and related issues
uk.rec.sailingTo discuss all aspects of sailing activity in the UK
uk.rec.scoutingDiscussion of Scouting and Guiding in the UK
uk.rec.scubaUK scuba diving
uk.rec.shedsSheds: culture, contents, usage
uk.rec.shooting.claysClay pigeon shooting and related disciplines
uk.rec.shooting.gameGame/pest control shooting and related disciplines
uk.rec.shooting.targetTarget shooting and related disciplines
uk.rec.skydivingUK related sport parachuting
uk.rec.subterraneaTunnels and other man-made/used spaces underneath the UK
uk.rec.ufoUFO phenomena, reports and related topics in the UK
uk.rec.video.digitalDigital Video, hardware, software & use
uk.rec.walkingTo exchange information on walking, hiking or rambling in the uk
uk.rec.waterwaysfor discussing British waterways
uk.rec.waterways.fensDiscussion of the Fen waterways
uk.rec.youth-hostelDiscussion of youth hostels and hostelling