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HaCon Timetable Information HAFAS for the iPhone

Von: Lüko Willms (lueko.willms@domain.invalid) [Profil]
Datum: 03.06.2010 23:43
Message-ID: <4c0821e6$0$3386$6e1ede2f@read.cnntp.org>
Newsgroup: misc.transport.rail.europe uk.railway
We talked about this as one of the mobile phone or PDA applications for
train and generally transit information. This is HaCon's "app" for the
> <http://www.hacon.de/hafas_e/iphone.shtml>
Explications and screenshots give a view of the application.

I write this prompted by today's news realease by HaCon informing
that this application has been downloaded a million times from Apple's
"App store", out of which 700'000 copies of the "DB Navigator" and
115'000 downloads both of the version of Cross Country Trains (Arriva)
on Great Britain and the one of "Rejseplanen" in Denmark.

73'000 times it has been downloaded as "SCOTTY mobil" for ÖBB and
30'000 times for "Railteam", the European High-Speed Rail alliance.

"Additional markets are scheduled for release in 2010", says HaCon on
the website linked to above.

I would be interested in learning about experiences especially with
the Cross Country and the Railteam versions, how far their coverage goes
beyond the trains run by those companies or, in the Railteam case, are
considered to be covered as "high speed".


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