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Von: hounslow3@yahoo.co.uk (hounslow3@yahoo.co.uk) [Profil]
Datum: 05.06.2010 00:21
Message-ID: <60fOn.51342$em4.42307@hurricane>
Newsgroup: uk.railway
I have heard of something called split ticketing, which can save quite a
bit of money on rail trips, but I don't know very much about it and I
don't know how it is done. Can anybody explain?

Is split ticketing available for all rail journeys? Are they only for
singles or can they be done for day returns, saver returns or other
types of tickets?

Moving away from split ticketing, I wanted to find out a bit more
information about regular group tickets. Are they normally only for day
returns or are they also available for saver returns as well?


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