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Derby Day

Von: Graham Harrison (edward.harrison1@remove.btinternet.com) [Profil]
Datum: 07.06.2010 20:01
Message-ID: <dPednbD6BtmoqZDRnZ2dnUVZ7qOdnZ2d@bt.com>
Newsgroup: uk.railway
Waiting at Norwood Junction on Saturday I listened to an announcement saying
that the service to Caterham had been halved to allow extra trains to go to
Tattenham Corner for Derby Day.   My first reaction was "well done Southern"
but now I find myself in two minds.   I know that there is no spare stock
around and I'm going to witness something similar in a couple of weeks time
when FGW rob the S Wales service of HSTs to run the Castle Cary/Glastonbury
extras but have things come to the point where the only way to run extras is
by robbing another service?   Yes I know that's the way life is today so
it's more of a rant than a question but really....

By the way, what I didn't find out is whether the extra trains were genuine
extras or simply the unit that would have gone to Caterham was used to
strengthen the Tattenham Corner trains.   Anyone know?

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