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OT - cable thieves beware

Von: David Hansen (senddavidnohspam@spidacom.co.uk) [Profil]
Datum: 07.06.2010 17:44
Message-ID: <cf4q06dsc60hemrm5qffm2eh3ih5si2gsn@4ax.com>
Newsgroup: uk.railway
"An 18-year-old from County Durham was found on fire after trying to
steal live electrical cable carrying 11,000 volts, police said.

"The teenager, from Darlington, suffered extensive burns to his arms
and head during the incident at derelict buildings in Newton

"He was taken to Newcastle's Royal Victoria Infirmary where his
condition is described as serious."


I have limited sympathy for these people. They don't deserve to die,
but I'm not too bothered if they have to live with the consequences
of electrical burns for the rest of their life. Electrical burns can
only be described as horrible. They could perhaps do something to
encourage others not to be so stupid, such as giving talks in

11 kV equipment is large and imposing. If he was cutting a cable
then it takes time to do that without hydraulic cutters or a cable
spiker, if he had opened up some bit of equipment then the size of
the insulators inside should give a clue that this is something to
avoid unless one knows a lot about it.

David Hansen, Edinburgh
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