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Reading station redevelopment

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Datum: 08.06.2010 21:36
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Back in November we discussed a rather vague announcement of work on the
bridges at each end of Reading station.  It seems work is now underway
and annoying the local pedestrians.


'Dangerous, ridiculous and terrible' diversion
By Laura Herbert  June 08, 2010

A Caversham woman is calling for a safer and less confusing pedestrian
route during roadworks in Vastern Road.

The pavement and pedestrian crossing by the bridge is blocked off while
Network Rail carries out work to widen the bridge to make way for new
and longer platforms.

Kay Matthews, from Albert Road, was in the area at around 2.10pm last
Tuesday when she said she saw a car almost hit a child.

Although a sign re-directing pedestrians is in place, Mrs Matthews said
it is not clear to pedestrians that they have to walk all the way around
the roundabout.

'I consider the situation to be very dangerous,' she said.

'A lot of people see the sign and just step out into the road and follow
the route of the pavement.

'Trying to cross Reading Bridge is ridiculous. It's absolutely

The 60-year-old added: 'There should be temporary traffic lights in
place and if that's not possible put a safety barrier for pedestrians on
the road so then they can cross safely to the Forbury.

'I spoke to Reading Borough Council and they told me temporary traffic
lights 'haven't been approved yet'.'

Council spokeswoman Sarah Bishton said: 'Due to the position of the
crossing on the road and because of highway regulations, a temporary
traffic light system for pedestrians is not possible.

'However, there are signs diverting pedestrians to a safe alternative
route along the footpath on either side of Vastern Road.

'The safety of pedestrians and motorists is a priority and we advise
people to follow the diversion route that has been put in place.'

She added: 'The removal of the pedestrian crossing at Vastern Road is
necessary to prepare for the installation of the new bridge and works
associated with the Reading Station Development. Once the works are
complete, the crossing will be reinstated.'

Work carried out by Network Rail is due to be completed next spring.

Network Rail spokesman Gary Gaskarth added: 'The bridge work is a vital
part of the programme to provide passengers in Reading with a better
train service and station.

'We're making every effort to minimise the impact of our work and we've
made our plans so the bridge can remain open to pedestrians and traffic
for the vast majority of time.

'We are working closely with Reading Borough Council to provide
pedestrians with a safe diversionary route and will continue to monitor
the situation.

'We appreciate that the diversion is slightly longer, however we urge
people to follow the safe, well sign-posted route.'

When I was working nearby - some years ago now - there was a pedestrian
footway on the south side of the railway bridge and passages under
Reading Bridge on each side of the river.  Some more signs and perhaps
temporary stairs to provide shorter routes to these should provide safe
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