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Not best pleased with the french railways

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Datum: 08.06.2010 20:28
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Spent a couple of days in and around the beautiful City of Bayeux
Firstly if you are an eco-warrior and arrive by train at Bayeux
don't even consider buying anything from the Cafe you can see
as you leave the station or even think about staying at the place.
Second time I have passed that way and on both occasions
a very aggresive attitude from bar owner
So much for the "wellcome our liberators" on the front door.

I was at Bayeux station waiting for the arival of the 16:42 service to
a journey time of approx 2 1/4 hours.
At 16:38 there were 28 passengers on the platform and I thought that
was a fair number
It seemed that only 14 passengers actually boarded

I went into the booking office which had TWO members of staff on duty
I say again TWO members of staff serving tickets
There was also  a quick fare machine available
There was a total of TEN trains between 16:45 and 19:30 to leave the
There were two people smoking in the waiting room
Would you ever get two persons issuing tickets on a Sunday afternoon
in a small station in the U.K.?

On the Monday morning I travelled on the 06:51 service to Paris
calling at Caen only
with a journey time of 2 1/4 hours
I sat towards the front and there were passengers standing,I thought
stuff that,standing for 2 1/4 hours.
I walked the whole length of the train,and no buffett car or
refreshments car available
and this train started out from the Port of Cherbourg
Nearing the back of the train,there were loads of seats available,why
did the Guard not announce seats
were available  at the rear of the train

Got to Paris Gare De Nord(never feel easy with loads of passengers
watching what other passengers are doing)
The signage for the Eurostar service is very poor coming off the RER
lines and vey few staff are visible even by the ticket gates to
request information.

Passengers(and Eurostar) don't help other passengers when luggage is
placed in the luggage racks
Why do passengers continue to plonk their suitcases flat on the racks
As opposed  to stacking them upright,maybe the "stand up right" labels
used by cross country trains
might assist in getting luggage stack correctly

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