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Re: Screws ?

Von: Paul Cummins (usethebl@stedphone.invalid) [Profil]
Datum: 08.06.2010 19:15
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the_constructor@freeukisp.co.uk (the_constructor) wrote:

> Really funny the amount of people who came to me and complained
> that I was causing them TVI. Even funnier the looks on the faces
> when I told them that I hadn't got a radio and asked if they could
> see the coax going into the house.

About 4 years ago, I put up a Dual Band co-linear and a half-size G5RV. But about a
week before, I wrote an open letter to all of my immediate neighbours (everyone
within 20 metres radius) explaining that I was a Radio Amateur, and that I had an
obligation not to cause interference, to log my usage etc. I also said that if the
had any issues, I'd given them advice and support to help them resolve them, even
if I wasn't responsible.

I ended up buying the semi next door a Braid Breaker, and made lots of new friends,
most of whom now have Freeview working, at their expense but with my cabling and
antenna work.

Here, I have a small, thin invisible wire, and a very small mag attached to the top
of my Sky Dish. I run a maximum of 25w, on any band.

Not a word from neighbours.

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