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Amateur radio and related matters

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Of no interestSlartibartfast08.06.10
An episodic conundrumGareth Evans G4SDW08.06.10
Screws ?the constructor08.06.10
3.780 LSB nowGeorge07.06.10
Ways to measure very low power for WSPRGeorge07.06.10
Divorce Rate Amoung Radio AmateursGerald07.06.10
OT - Personality Disorders.Rambo07.06.10
Circuit Diagram Information Required ?the constructor07.06.10
3.680 Mc/s...Jim.GM4DHJ/ Mobil...07.06.10
Ham Radio, Amateur Radio and CB Radio?Gareth Evans G4SDW07.06.10
very low voltage DC amplifier.16f84a07.06.10
Last day to grab yourself a painfully cheap bar...G4ZOW06.06.10
10M CW activePaul Cummins06.06.10
Back again.Michael06.06.10
Anyone active on APRS?Brian Reay06.06.10
Much sort after...G4KFK06.06.10
Hamsexy carArthur Fallowfield06.06.10
Should GB3CF be closed down?GI7B06.06.10
Sink the Belfast.lucifer@eternal-f...05.06.10
Don't tell Gareth, but...Jimbo GM4DHJ/M05.06.10
GB2RS NEWS Sunday 6th June 2010Newsdesk@rsgb.org.uk04.06.10
Packet in the UK?Ian Wade G3NRW04.06.10
Origin of CW termsMr. Benn04.06.10
How many........Gerald04.06.10
Digitalthe constructor03.06.10
To M0PSHGerald03.06.10
Straw pollGareth Evans G4SDW03.06.10
Really good amateur radio site (cough)Jimbo03.06.10
9 year old high speed CW opMeany Beany03.06.10
Complaint to the worldMeany Beany03.06.10
70cm SRD'sMeany Beany02.06.10
Nice to see a bit ofGerald02.06.10
What the news wiki needs.....Gerald02.06.10
Ping ChronosJohnny Melvin02.06.10
PING Jimbolucifer@eternal-f...01.06.10
FT-7800 AM AudioJohnny Melvin01.06.10
OT, but technolgy: the IPADBrian Reay01.06.10
Airy Bean / Mr LogicM0PSH01.06.10
Bent Laws - Bleedin' cheek!lucifer@eternal-f...01.06.10
750 Ohm resistor - non wirewound - 100w?Paul Cummins01.06.10
OT - Should have gone to Specsavers.lucifer@eternal-f...01.06.10
Alinco DJ-X3E scanner ...Jim Stewart31.05.10
Another one bites the dust..Rambo30.05.10
Bent Laws.lucifer@eternal-f...30.05.10
Yetty's in space...Jim.GM4DHJ/ Mobil...29.05.10
The new Government...Jim.GM4DHJ/ Mobil...22.05.10
PING - Jimbo... CRASH!lucifer@eternal-f...22.05.10
A nice DAB radio at last ....Jim Stewart ...20.05.10