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From section 10 of the coalition agreementJames Hammerton13.05.10
New IPS page on ID cards...James Hammerton13.05.10
The question the Treasury can't answerthedarkman20.02.10
The government you DESERVEUptiming11.12.09
How you lost your forestCCrider04.10.09
Anti-Semitism in the modern world explainedthedarkman31.08.09
Jacqui gives the game away on the National Iden...James Hammerton29.04.09
4 million suckered into getting New Labour ID c...Ar30.03.09
Beware, the number of the Beastthedarkman17.03.09
Ex-MI5 chief: Ministers scare public to pass te...Lee17.02.09
DNA theft from babies coming soonAr09.02.09
New Labour expands police state surveillance in...Ar07.02.09
ID cards here - but can't be read by policeJames Hammerton07.02.09
Lords report on UK's police state, too little t...Ar06.02.09
Who are the bad guys? British Police given the...Lee29.01.09
Taxpayers screwed on ID cardsAr09.01.09
ID card opposition...... in 1978Ar30.12.08
private police forceAlang27.12.08
DNA database to be illegally accessed by foreig...Ar15.12.08
Call to the faithfullLee13.12.08
Alexander Baron's new websitesthedarkman08.12.08
ID cards, New Labour turn the screwsAr07.12.08
Terrifying expansion of UK's police state, id c...Ar03.12.08
NU Labour and ITLee02.12.08
ID cards, UK oppression of people starts todayAr25.11.08
£1000 theft for ID card refusersAr22.11.08
Jacqui Smith has BIG problem over ID cardsAr06.11.08
ID card scheme gets even scarierAr06.11.08
New Liebour's surveillance stateAr15.10.08
More personnal details vanish under New LiebourAr10.10.08
42 days is deadDVH06.10.08
Cameron reiterates commitment to scrap ID cards...James Hammerton04.10.08
French figh BBArrrgh Jimlad29.09.08
Expansion of surveillance on innocent by New Li...Ar15.09.08
TUC threatens industrial action against nationa...Colonel Colt12.09.08
M&C Saatchi reported to be hired to promote Bri...James Hammerton07.09.08
Economy spirals rapidly downwards thanks to New...Ar07.09.08
600,000 innocent people on New Liebour's DNA da...Ar17.08.08
Gordon Brown's "Britishness" exhibition goes ho...Ar16.08.08
Innocent children on DNA databaseAr16.08.08
NO2ID Nine: All charges dropped.James Hammerton23.07.08
unarmed cow shot by copsArrrgh Jimlad05.07.08
David Davis's formal campaign launch speech & m...James Hammerton28.06.08
Travel scheme for children is ID card by back doorAr25.06.08
MPs voice fears over ID cardsnicktravel2002@ya...08.06.08
actor and actress photos and scenaries,hindi mo...1206.06.08
Pushing the crooked ID card schemeAr24.05.08
New Liebour's secure ID Cards wide open to fraudAr11.05.08
test postKosher Cunny05.05.08