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Politics and the environment in the UK

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Inner Spin, Outer ChaosEric Gisin08.06.10
On the malignancy of [AGW] trollsEric Gisin03.06.10
The Royal Society: too little, too lateEric Gisin03.06.10
Ocean oil drilling - another tool in the extinc...alea@iacta.est02.06.10
Society to review climate messageEric Gisin28.05.10
Oxford Union Debate on Climate CatastropheEric Gisin25.05.10
We ain't seen nuthin yet!Viejo Vizcacha24.05.10
Greenies: the Red, the Dumb and the AngryEric Gisin22.05.10
"The Man-made Global Warming Hoax"amacmil304@aol.com03.05.10
Global warming: The Oxburgh Inquiry was an offe...Eric Gisin26.04.10
Global warming: The Oxburgh Incident and the It...Eric Gisin25.04.10
Russian Hockey Sticks Stolen: British Inquiries...kdthrge@yahoo.com24.04.10
Climategate and The Crisis Of Climate AlarmismEric Gisin22.04.10
We must not be dogmatic about climate change - ...Eric Gisin19.04.10
Get your trolls off my lawn, Moonbat!Eric Gisin19.04.10
Newsflash: The fightback campaign against scepticsEric Gisin18.04.10
The campaign to make 'ecocide' a crime sums up ...Eric Gisin16.04.10
Free Thinking Capitalists Reject Science As A D...Andrew Bolt16.04.10
Global Warming Alarmists Still Refusing To Conf...Andrew Bolt16.04.10
Peter Foster: "Lawerance Soloman Is A Godless K...James16.04.10
Lawrence Solomon: Climategate scientists: We're...Eric Gisin16.04.10
Peter Foster: Climategate whitewashEric Gisin16.04.10
Anyone catch Beautiful Minds last night?Mike Smith15.04.10
Oxburgh blesses Climategate boffinsEric Gisin14.04.10
Lawrence Solomon: The new climate gameEric Gisin12.04.10
British campaigner urges UN to accept 'ecocide'...Eric Gisin11.04.10
Suggestions welcom (preferably sensible)Mike Smith06.04.10
MPs begin the Climategate whitewashEric Gisin04.04.10
'Only global fascist tyranny can save us now' s...Eric Gisin02.04.10
MPs to Climategate boffins: Keep Calm and Carry OnEric Gisin31.03.10
Climate-row professor Phil Jones should return ...Eric Gisin31.03.10
Results of the Climategate Paliamentary Inquiry...Eric Gisin31.03.10
'Climategate' scientists didn't manipulate data...Eric Gisin31.03.10
Sorrycarlos donis29.03.10
Can we trust the 'Climategate' inquiry?Eric Gisin28.03.10
Lord Oxburgh, the climate science peer, 'has a ...Eric Gisin23.03.10
Royal Society panel announced (CRU investigation)Eric Gisin22.03.10
There is nothing cuddly about the WWFEric Gisin21.03.10
John Houghton: We climate scientists are not ec...Eric Gisin16.03.10
PING: HeyDiddleDiddleMike04.03.10
Climategate hits Westminster: MPs spring a surp...Eric Gisin02.03.10
Opening Night Reviews in the UK PressEric Gisin02.03.10
Phil Jones survives MPs' grilling over climate ...Eric Gisin02.03.10
A perfect storm is brewing for the IPCCEric Gisin27.02.10
University 'tried to mislead MPs on climate cha...Eric Gisin27.02.10
Institute of Physics Submission to UK ..Eric Gisin26.02.10
Welcome to the New World Order [IPCC]Eric Gisin26.02.10
Julie Bindel on Woman's Hourhazchem26.02.10
What the weatherman never saidEric Gisin21.02.10
£60m bill for the CO2 of our political class Eric Gisin21.02.10