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uk.politics.animalsUK political discussion concerning animals
uk.politics.announceUK political announcements (Moderated)
uk.politics.censorshipDiscussion of censorship
uk.politics.constitutionConstitutional issues relating to the UK
uk.politics.crimeCriminal policy relating to the UK
uk.politics.drugsPolitics of legal and illegal drug use in the UK
uk.politics.economicsEconomic policy relating to the UK
uk.politics.electoralDiscussion of elections & electoral systems in the UK
uk.politics.environmentPolitics and the environment in the UK
uk.politics.gunsFor discussion of guns and gun laws in the UK
uk.politics.id-cardsNo description.
uk.politics.miscMiscellaneous UK political discussion
uk.politics.parliamentDiscussion of the UK Parliament
uk.politics.philosophyPhilosophical basis for politics in the UK
uk.politics.ruralA rural-centric debate of government plans and policy