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uk.people.adoption.miscAll aspects of adoption in the UK
uk.people.adoption.searchingAll aspects of adoption searching in the UK
uk.people.bdsmDiscussion of bondage, discipline, s/m and D/s
uk.people.bdsm.personalsPersonal ads for bondage, D/s & s/m in the UK (Moderated)
uk.people.bodyartA UK-focused discussion forum on body modifications
uk.people.consumersDiscussion about products and services
uk.people.consumers.ebayDoing business on Ebay in the UK
uk.people.crossdressingSupport and info for UK based cross-dressers
uk.people.deadUK obituaries and discussion of dead people
uk.people.deafDiscussion about issues relating to deaf people
uk.people.disabilityDiscussion of disability related topics in the UK
uk.people.disability.bikersFor disabled bikers to discover a new freedom
uk.people.disability.transportTransport issues for the disabled
uk.people.ex-forcesEx-members of HM Forces
uk.people.fathersSocial issues affecting fathers and their children
uk.people.gothicGothic culture, music, fashion and events in the UK
uk.people.healthHealth-related issues relevant to the UK
uk.people.parentsDiscussion about parental childcare
uk.people.parents.pregnancyPregnancy and childbirth
uk.people.polyamorousDiscussion and support for UK polyamorous people
uk.people.ruralPeople living in the countryside and their way of life
uk.people.sf-fansDiscussion area for UK SF fans
uk.people.silversurfersAdvice and chat for older internet users
uk.people.support.arthritisArthritis and related issues
uk.people.support.cfs-meChronic fatigue / myalgic encephalomyelitis
uk.people.support.depressionAdvice, support and chat for depressed people
uk.people.support.diabetesAdvice, support and chat about diabetes
uk.people.support.epilepsyEpilepsy general discussion group
uk.people.support.mental-healthDiscussion of UK mental health issues
uk.people.support.mult-sclerosisMultiple Sclerosis general discussion
uk.people.teensGeneral disscussion by Teenagers in the UK