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Announce - DAVID FERRARD at the Davy LampTerri Freeman08.06.10
16 VegesChristianKnight06.06.10
Announce: Robin Laing at the Davy LampTerri Freeman05.06.10
Time to moderate this group - or is it killed o...CJB03.06.10
ANN: Shipyard Sessions w/ Lizzie Nunnery at The...jill@theshipbuild...01.06.10
ANNOUNCE: This Sunday - Tim O'Brien and Kris Dr...jill@theshipbuild...20.05.10
Election result premonition????KGB08.05.10
Who originated this song: "Northwest Passage" ?InTheNeighborhood08.05.10
ALERT: BBC4 9pm "Shanties and Sea Songs"Java Jive06.05.10
Licensing - misleading live music claims repeatedRoger Gall05.05.10
Annouce: Claire Mann & AaronJones at the Davy LampTerri Freeman05.05.10
Wahey I've joined Yes sir!philrobinson03.05.10
ANN: Tim O'Brien and Kris Drever - The Georgian...jill@theshipbuild...01.05.10
uk.music.folk FAQ url [Automatic reminder]Richard Robinson01.05.10
Instruments Requiring Registration with the Cou...CJB20.04.10
Seeling one Jim Ward - collector of Alex Prince...CJB17.04.10
NAAD Festival of Kathak DanceNAAD10.04.10
Announce: 16/17 April Blowzabella WeekendDavid Shepherd10.04.10
Inge ThomsonGill Smith08.04.10
Licensing - Exemption is election issueRoger Gall08.04.10
Licensing-Govt resist 200 figureRoger Gall07.04.10
Bagpipes criminalised!CJB07.04.10
Licensing-Stall on TENs reformRoger Gall07.04.10
Announce:- The Cast at the Davy LampTerri Freeman06.04.10
Licensing - Bagpipes, brass & drums, still to b...Roger Gall06.04.10
Tune requestRichard Robinson06.04.10
Folk music in Herefordshireinfo@garwayfolkwe...06.04.10
ANNOUNCE: Tams & Coope at the Davy LampTerri Freeman03.04.10
Licensing - consultation latest.Roger Gall02.04.10
On Tour Across The Pond - Sam Amidon in the UKstudio16a01.04.10
uk.music.folk FAQ url [Automatic reminder]Richard Robinson01.04.10
ANN: Northwich Folk ClubJohnB23.03.10
ANN: Celebrate St Patrick's Day with The Flying...Keith Whiddon14.03.10
Announce. GRACE NOTES at the Davy LampTerri Freeman14.03.10
esley Duncan 1943-2010tony12.03.10
Ann: Phil Cunningham and Aly Bain coming to Shi...Tony F10.03.10
Watercress and RocketChristianKnight06.03.10
Licensing - What you can do.Roger Gall05.03.10
RIP Fred WedlockJohn Bennett04.03.10
Licensing - Minister's statistics investigated.Roger Gall04.03.10
epetition to save the V&A musical instruments c...Carol Turner03.03.10
Petition against BBC cutsJack Campin - bog...02.03.10
Announce - ROY BAILEY at the Davy LampTerri Freeman02.03.10
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WalkaboutsVerse Anewwalkaboutsverse24.02.10
uk.music.folk FAQ url [Automatic reminder]Richard Robinson15.02.10
ANN. - George Welch & Stewart Hardy at the Davy...Terri Freeman13.02.10