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Von: Andrew W. (wilcox_andrew@childcustodyfordads.eyetraffic.net) [Profil]
Datum: 19.01.2010 19:22
Message-ID: <HLm5n.101937$ye1.8121@news.usenetserver.com>
Newsgroup: uk.music.christian
I try to keep things simple, I love music and I play music, it's basically my life along
wtih being a rathr poor student, wait that came out wrong, I don't have trouble with the
material, i make very good grades, I just have trouble holding onto a dime.  There are
endless RSS feeds out there and I thrive on aquiring information but I don't wan tto have
to pay forr it or sort thropugh a bunch of junk, so I make my own sites wioth the
information I want in it,  I am also a web develoer and I have put up a number of sites
that are free, that's righ we don't want any of your information.  The information is
updated each day, and there are 10,000 Plus feature articles in each Portal, the following
are related to music and thnaks for cheching them out, if you like it please poass the
info along.

http://EyeTablautre.com           Great For Guitairsts, even if you are just learning
these has info for all levels

http://FreeNetMusicDomain.com     This site gives me great information, use the search
it's easy

http://HomeDvdProduction.com              A little off topic but it helps people to
understand the technology better

http://MainStageDJ.com                       This one is hot and also or sale, use the
link on the page if you are interested in it

http://MyMusicVieoCenter.com            YouTubr isn't the only vieo site out there, use
the and find ypour favorites in seocnds

Enjoy, please bookamrk the pages, it has much dynamic content so it will changed probably
everyime oyu trlosf ythr main page, Alo please pass it on, I believe in keeping the
internet free, bt if I want to east I have to slave drive with the huge corporate assholes
that want to shove everything down their throats that they can of.  Sorry, just venting I


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