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Sony BMG heavyweights and Disney clash

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Datum: 10.10.2008 07:20
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I just received an e-mail from a source that wishes to remain unnamed,
from the e-mail account of a Krystal Meyers fan site that I run, and
found out that the matter may be going to court.  It seems the
debarcle resulted in various heavyweights getting involved:
- Terry Hemmings, President and CEO of Provident Music Group
- Scott A. Knight, VP of Business Affairs at the Provident Music Group
- Jordyn Conner, A&R Manager of Krystal Meyers
- Mitchell Solarek, Manager of MAKE SOME NOISE
- Dave Hopper, Manager at Maximum Artist Management (Managing Company
of Krystal Meyers)

Who knows. Just like Paris Hilton, maybe they’ll decide to do a proper
cover-up, and donate all the money made to charity.

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