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Discussion about the UK music charts

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Mids 8/6Paul Hyett08.06.10
Chart Commentary 12/6/10Paul Hyett06.06.10
iTunes chart w/e 12/6Paul Hyett06.06.10
Old album chart, sealed without a kiss (1994)Chris Brown04.06.10
"I HATE WET WET WET" old chart (1994)Chris Brown04.06.10
Shortest chart run for top 10 recordCol01.06.10
Mids 1/6Paul Hyett01.06.10
Chart Commentary 5/6/10Paul Hyett30.05.10
Chart Commentary 29/5/10Paul Hyett23.05.10
Chart Commentary 22/5/10Paul Hyett16.05.10
Chart Commentary 15/5/10Paul Hyett09.05.10
iTunes chart w/e 15/5Paul Hyett09.05.10
OT : How old were you when you bought your firs...Paul Hyett08.05.10
Tellin' you what was in the album chart in 1997Chris Brown07.05.10
When I first saw this old chart, I knew that I ...Chris Brown07.05.10
Mids 4/5Paul Hyett04.05.10
Chart Commentary 8/5/10Paul Hyett02.05.10
iTunes chart w/e 8/5Paul Hyett02.05.10
Mids 27/4Paul Hyett27.04.10
Chart Commentary 1/5/10Paul Hyett25.04.10
Chart Commentary 24/4/10Paul Hyett18.04.10
Mids 13/4Paul Hyett13.04.10
Chart Commentary 17/4/10Paul Hyett11.04.10
iTunes chart w/e 17/4Paul Hyett11.04.10
I'm going to push an old album chart on you... ...Chris Brown10.04.10
OCC Revised website :Paul Hyett08.04.10
Mids 6/4Paul Hyett06.04.10
iTunes chart w/e 10/4/10Paul Hyett05.04.10
Chart Commentary 10/4/10Paul Hyett04.04.10
2010 YTD T40 Singles/AlbumsPaul Hyett03.04.10
Find the album chart within (1995)Chris Brown02.04.10
I guess now it's time for me to post an old cha...Chris Brown02.04.10
Chart Commentary 3/4/10Paul Hyett28.03.10
iTunes chart w/e 27/3vidcapper22.03.10
Chart Commentary 27/3/10Paul Hyett21.03.10
Chart Commentary 20/3/10Paul Hyett14.03.10
iTunes chart w/e 20/3Paul Hyett14.03.10
Don't Shoot Me, I Didn't Buy Any Of These Album...Chris Brown12.03.10
So you think this chart is out of time? Well it...Chris Brown12.03.10
Mids 9/3Paul Hyett09.03.10
Sales 8th March 2010Chris Brown09.03.10
Chart Commentary 13/3/10Paul Hyett07.03.10
iTunes chart w/e 13/6/10Paul Hyett07.03.10
A titan of an old album chart from 1998Chris Brown05.03.10
Ooooh, if I could melt an old chart (1998)Chris Brown05.03.10
Mids 2/3Paul Hyett02.03.10
Chart Commentary 6/3/10Paul Hyett28.02.10
iTunes chart w/e 6/3Paul Hyett28.02.10
Chart Commentary 27/2/10Paul Hyett21.02.10
Mids 16/2Paul Hyett16.02.10