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"How did Israelis get the bright idea to
migrate to a piece of land that was already
occupied by Palestinians and surrounded
by Arab countries?"

Well, on your level of historical studies
(apparently) there's a marvy movie that
explains it: "The Ten Commandments." It's
the Jewish Torah ... and "your' Bible too.


Some idiot wrote: "Existential threat"?
(posed by Gaza to Israel's existence):
Why don't we look at the current threat
to Gaza's existence..."

Well: Perhaps it's too easy for us to sit here
in our Lazy Boys and criticize Israel for
isolating and containing Gaza. Iit might
help to put the situation in a different
perspective: What would YOU do if a
dangerous maniac were shooting at you
and displayed every intention of chasing
you down until either you or he were dead?

That is the reality Israel faces with regards
to Gaza (what political solution could there
possibly be in such a case?): Gaza will
NEVER stop trying to murder Israelis;
and Israel's choice is starkly inescapable:
either kill Gaza or try to isolate and contain
it. At times I am truly astonished at Israel's
patience and equanimity. But I am even
more taken aback at the comments some
people (who ought to know better) make
concerning the situation between Israel
and Gaza: "Let Gaza kill as many Israelis
as it wants with absolute impunity." -

"Let Gaza become the closest militant
Islamist (aka terrorist) missile base to
Europe herself!" It never ceases to amaze
me, because here is no question that the
very same people who would tomorrow
weep tears of blood if Israel lifted the
Gaza blockade and the Hamas terrorists
were free to butcher not merely Israelis
but as many Europeans as their perverted
religion commands them to do at every
possible opportunity... are the same
people who, blinded by their hatred of
Jews, today clamor blindly for Israel to
do just that: place them and their families
in dire/constant peril of being murdered
by implacable religious fanatics!

And, by all means do go ahead, post
your reply: "We're willing to take that
chance!" It is as inevitable as it is

S D Rodrian

All religions are local.
Only science is universal.


On Israel's prohibiting musical instruments
into Gaza (really because they are deemed
to be luxury items, thus expressly prohibited):


Islam forbids musical instruments.
The Gazans being good Muslims, why
would they want them?

Hadith Qudsi 19:5: "The Prophet said that
Allah commanded him to destroy all the
musical instruments, idols, crosses and all
the trappings of ignorance."

"There will be peoples of my Community
who will hold fornication, silk, wine, and
musical instruments to be lawful"  'Umdat
al-Salik r40.0

"On the Day of Resurrection, Allah will
pour molten lead into the ears of whoever
sits listening to a songstress."

Posted by Dan78

Fundamentalist Islam (aka real Islam, or
Islam that isn't watered down) prohibits
music, just as it prohibits ... well, most
anything that doesn't involve bowing down
on a rug in devotion to Allah.

And guess who's the fundamentalist Islamic
group in town? Hamas.

Guess who popularly elected Hamas to
represent them? The people of Gaza.
What's the problem?

Posted by stegman


The truth of the matter, of course, is that
most so-called Christians have almost zero
idea of what the Bible really says (which is
why most "Christians" think of the Jews as
"the murderers of Jesus" instead of the much
more accurate fact that Jews represent the
very kind of people which gave us Jesus
--there is nothing in Jesus that was not first
in Judaism).

And in the same way most Muslims have
little idea of what the real nature of Islam
really is: Their Islamic practice is a veneer,
thank God, or it would be all-out us or them:

Is a Muslim Europe, how long would Bach,
Beethoven, Mozart survive? (The Beatles don't
even come into it, their so-called "music" is
blatant pornography even by the standards
of even the most casually pious Muslims.)
How long would the great museums of the
Western World survive? (What would happen
to the great Churches of the West can be
seen in the Turkish Constantinople, where
the greatest church in Christendom was
first sacked, despoiled, desecrated, turned
into a mosque, and finally reduced to a
tourist attraction...)

Democracy itself is heresy/blasphemy to
Islam, or mind the Turkish "democratic"
government's prime minister Recep Tayyip
Erdogan's casual remark: "Democracy is
like a bus: Once ya get there, ya get off."
(Good luck & good bye to all Turks' hopes
of a lasting democracy once the Islamists
there grab compete control... which doesn't
look like it's all that far off now, especially
--amazingly-- with Europe's special help!)

Worse still: The absolute mind-control that
Islam demands creates blank automatons
who are forever after prevented from even
the most basic maintenance of the affairs
of human civilization. There is almost zero
advance of civilization in Islamic countries
(all innovation there is either stolen or
bought/borrowed from outside the Islamic
world). Once the unquestioned leaders of
the Western World in every sphere of
academic and scientific endeavor, the
so-called "fertile crescent" that runs from
Egypt to Iraq is now but the monstrously
impoverished slum that is the direct result
of conversion to Islam. And that is what
awaits all the world's human civilization
when Islam accomplishes its avowed aim
of either converting or killing humanity.

S D Rodrian

All religions are local.
Only science is universal.


>>> It is much more accurate to say that the Muslims STOLE
>>> the scientific databases of the peoples they conquered
>>> (since they originally were in reality, mostly illiterate
>>> Arab nomads)

Apparently you believe that simply because
I cite the horrors that Arabs/Muslims visited
upon the Hindus (and Islam's genocides
and theft of the treasures of Hindu civilization)
that therefore I must be Hindu! This is most
amusing, as it betrays you as a person who
could not imagine someone moral/ethical
enough to denounce crimes committed against
someone other than himself! [Don't fret, yours
is a very common flaw in many human beings:
Unfortunately, a lot of people check the skin color
of others to determine who is right/wrong.]

No: I am not Hindu. It's simply that the Islamic
genocide of Hindus is without question the worst
crime against humanity on record, that's all.
Please keep this in mind in the future.

In any case, to remedy my unbalanced approach,
and to help satisfy your thirst for a more
comprehensive historical view, here's the reprint
of a letter sent to Carly Fiorina (then CEO of
Hewlett Packard Corporation, and now I believe
running for public office in California in order
to continue to perpetuate her ignorance on an
even grander scale)... in response to a speech
given by her on September 26, 2001 which you
could once have found at this url:



What Arab Civilization?

November 7, 2001
Carly Fiorina
3000 Hanover Street
Palo Alto, CA 94304-1185

Dear Madame Fiorina:

It is with great interest that I read your
speech delivered on September 26, 2001, titled
"Technology, Business and Our way of Life:
What's Next" [sic]. I was particularly
interested in the story you told at the end of
your speech, about the Arab/Muslim civilization.

As an Assyrian, a non-Arab, Christian native of
the Middle East, whose ancestors reach back to
5000 B.C., I wish to clarify some points you
made in this little story, and to alert you to
the dangers of unwittingly being drawn into the
Arabist/Islamist ideology, which seeks to
assimilate all cultures and religions into the
Arab/Islamic fold.

I know you are a very busy woman, but please
find ten minutes to read what follows, as it is
a perspective that you will not likely get from
anywhere else. I will answer some of the
specific points you made in your speech, then
conclude with a brief perspective on this
Arabist/Islamist ideology.

Arabs and Muslims appeared on the world scene in
630 A.D., when the armies of Muhammad began
their conquest of the Middle East. We should be
very clear that this was a military conquest,
not a missionary enterprise, and through the use
of force, authorized by a declaration of a Jihad
against infidels, Arabs/Muslims were able to
forcibly convert and assimilate non-Arabs and
non-Muslims into their fold. Very few indigenous
communities of the Middle East survived this --
primarily Assyrians, Jews, Armenians and Coptics
(of Egypt).

Having conquered the Middle East, Arabs placed
these communities under a Dhimmi (see the book
Dhimmi, by Bat Ye'Or) system of governance,
where the communities were allowed to rule
themselves as religious minorities (Christians,
Jews and Zoroastrian). These communities had to
pay a tax (called a Jizzya in Arabic) that was,
in effect, a penalty for being non-Muslim, and
that was typically 80% in times of tolerance and
up to 150% in times of oppression. This tax
forced many of these communities to convert to
Islam, as it was designed to do.

You state, "its architects designed buildings
that defied gravity." I am not sure what you are
referring to, but if you are referring to domes
and arches, the fundamental architectural
breakthrough of using a parabolic shape instead
of a spherical shape for these structures was
made by the Assyrians more than 1300 years
earlier, as evidenced by their archaeological

You state, "its mathematicians created the
algebra and algorithms that would enable the
building of computers, and the creation of
encryption." The fundamental basis of modern
mathematics had been laid down not hundreds but
thousands of years before by Assyrians and
Babylonians, who already knew of the concept of
zero, of the Pythagorean Theorem, and of many,
many other developments expropriated by
Arabs/Muslims (see History of Babylonian
Mathematics, Neugebauer).

You state, "its doctors examined the human body,
and found new cures for disease." The
overwhelming majority of these doctors (99%)
were Assyrians. In the fourth, fifth, and sixth
centuries Assyrians began a systematic
translation of the Greek body of knowledge into
Assyrian. At first they concentrated on the
religious works but then quickly moved to
science, philosophy and medicine. Socrates,
Plato, Aristotle, Galen, and many others were
translated into Assyrian, and from Assyrian into
Arabic. It is these Arabic translations which
the Moors brought with them into Spain, and
which the Spaniards translated into Latin and
spread throughout Europe, thus igniting the
European Renaissance.

By the sixth century A.D., Assyrians had begun
exporting back to Byzantia their own works on
science, philosophy and medicine. In the field
of medicine, the Bakhteesho Assyrian family
produced nine generations of physicians, and
founded the great medical school at Gundeshapur
(Iran). Also in the area of medicine, (the
Assyrian) Hunayn ibn-Ishaq's textbook on
ophthalmology, written in 950 A.D., remained the
authoritative source on the subject until 1800

In the area of philosophy, the Assyrian
philosopher Job of Edessa developed a physical
theory of the universe, in the Assyrian
language, that rivaled Aristotle's theory, and
that sought to replace matter with forces (a
theory that anticipated some ideas in quantum
mechanics, such as the spontaneous creation and
destruction of matter that occurs in the quantum

One of the greatest Assyrian achievements of the
fourth century was the founding of the first
university in the world, the School of Nisibis,
which had three departments, theology,
philosophy and medicine, and which became a
magnet and center of intellectual development in
the Middle East. The statutes of the School of
Nisibis, which have been preserved, later became
the model upon which the first Italian
university was based (see The Statutes of the
School of Nisibis, by Arthur Voobus).

When Arabs and Islam swept through the Middle
East in 630 A.D., they encountered 600 years of
Assyrian Christian civilization, with a rich
heritage, a highly developed culture, and
advanced learning institutions. It is this
civilization that became the foundation of the
Arab civilization.

You state, "Its astronomers looked into the
heavens, named the stars, and paved the way for
space travel and exploration." This is a bit
melodramatic. In fact, the astronomers you refer
to were not Arabs but Chaldeans and Babylonians
(of present day south-Iraq), who for millennia
were known as astronomers and astrologers, and
who were forcibly Arabized and Islamized -- so
rapidly that by 750 A.D. they had disappeared

You state, "its writers created thousands of
stories. Stories of courage, romance and magic.
Its poets wrote of love, when others before them
were too steeped in fear to think of such
things." There is very little literature in the
Arabic language that comes from this period you
are referring to (the Koran is the only
significant piece of literature), whereas the
literary output of the Assyrians and Jews was
vast. The third largest corpus of Christian
writing, after Latin and Greek, is by the
Assyrians in the Assyrian language (also called
Syriac); see:


You state, "when other nations were afraid of
ideas, this civilization thrived on them, and
kept them alive. When censors threatened to wipe
out knowledge from past civilizations, this
civilization kept the knowledge alive, and
passed it on to others." This is a very
important issue you raise, and it goes to the
heart of the matter of what Arab/Islamic
civilization represents. I reviewed a book


titled How Greek Science Passed to the Arabs, in
which the author lists the significant
translators and interpreters of Greek science.
Of the 22 scholars listed, 20 were Assyrians, 1
was Persian and 1 an Arab. I state at the end of
my review: "The salient conclusion which can be
drawn from O'Leary's book is that Assyrians
played a significant role in the shaping of the
Islamic world via the Greek corpus of knowledge.
If this is so, one must then ask the question,
what happened to the Christian communities which
made them lose this great intellectual
enterprise which they had established. One can
ask this same question of the Arabs. Sadly,
O'Leary's book does not answer this question,
and we must look elsewhere for the answer." I
did not answer this question I posed in the
review because it was not the place to answer
it, but the answer is very clear, the Christian
Assyrian community was drained of its population
through forced conversion to Islam (by the
Jizzya), and once the community had dwindled
below a critical threshold, it ceased producing
the scholars that were the intellectual driving
force of the Islamic civilization, and that is
when the so called "Golden Age of Islam" came to
an end (about 850 A.D.).

Islam the religion itself was significantly
molded by Assyrians and Jews (see Nestorian
Influence on Islam and Hagarism: the Making of
the Islamic World).

Arab/Islamic civilization is not a progressive
force, it is a regressive force; it does not
give impetus, it retards. The great civilization
you describe was not an Arab/Muslim
accomplishment, it was an Assyrian
accomplishment that Arabs expropriated and
subsequently lost when they drained, through the
forced conversion of Assyrians to Islam, the
source of the intellectual vitality that
propelled it. What other Arab/Muslim
civilization has risen since? What other
Arab/Muslim successes can we cite?

You state, "and perhaps we can learn a lesson
from his [Suleiman] example: It was leadership
based on meritocracy, not inheritance. It was
leadership that harnessed the full capabilities
of a very diverse population that included
Christianity, Islamic, and Jewish traditions."

In fact, the Ottomans were extremely oppressive
to non-Muslims. For example, young Christian
boys were forcefully taken from their families,
usually at the age of 8-10, and inducted into
the Janissaries, (yeniceri in Turkish) where
they were Islamized and made to fight for the
Ottoman state. What literary, artistic or
scientific achievements of the Ottomans can we
point to? We can, on the other hand, point to
the genocide of 750,000 Assyrians, 1.5 million
Armenians and 400,000 Greeks in World War One by
the Kemalist "Young Turk" government. This is
the true face of Islam.

Arabs/Muslims are engaged in an explicit
campaign of destruction and expropriation of
cultures and communities, identities and ideas.
Wherever Arab/Muslim civilization encounters a
non-Arab/Muslim one, it attempts to destroy it
(as the Buddhist statues in Afghanistan were
destroyed, as Persepolis was destroyed by the
Ayotollah Khomenie). This is a pattern that has
been recurring since the advent of Islam, 1400
years ago, and is amply substantiated by the
historical record. If the "foreign" culture
cannot be destroyed, then it is expropriated,
and revisionist historians claim that it is and
was Arab, as is the case of most of the Arab
"accomplishments" you cited in your speech. For
example, Arab history texts in the Middle East
teach that Assyrians were Arabs, a fact that no
reputable scholar would assert, and that no
living Assyrian would accept. Assyrians first
settled Nineveh, one of the major Assyrian
cities, in 5000 B.C., which is 5630 years before
Arabs came into that area. Even the word 'Arab'
is an Assyrian word, meaning "Westerner" (the
first written reference to Arabs was by the
Assyrian King Sennacherib, 800 B.C., in which he
tells of conquering the "ma'rabayeh" --
Westerners. See The Might That Was Assyria, by
H. W. F. Saggs).

Even in America this Arabization policy


continues. On October 27th a coalition of seven
Assyrian and Maronite organizations sent an
official letter


to the Arab American Institute asking it to stop
identifying Assyrians and Maronites as Arabs,
which it had been deliberately doing.

There are minorities and nations struggling for
survival in the Arab/Muslim ocean of the Middle
East and Africa (Assyrians, Armenians, Coptics,
Jews, southern Sudanese, Ethiopians,
Nigerians...), and we must be very sensitive not
to unwittingly and inadvertently support Islamic
fascism and Arab Imperialism, with their
attempts to wipe out all other cultures,
religions and civilizations. It is incumbent
upon each one of us to do our homework and
research when making statements and speeches
about these sensitive matters.

I hope you found this information enlightening.
For more information, refer to the web links
below. You may contact me at
ke...@ninevehsoft.com for further questions.

Thank you for your consideration.

Peter BetBasoo

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thanks: Peter BetBasoo (ke...@ninevehsoft.com)

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