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Datum: 07.06.2010 17:48
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Just stumbled across this about changes to the UK driving test:

"Essentially what will now happen is that a candidate will be given a
series of instructions/directions to follow and will be expected to
either follow road direction signs to a local place, or be given 3 or 4
directions to follow in the format of, ‘at the end of the road turn
left, then at the end of the new road turn right, then at the roundabout
take he 3rd exit’."

from here: <http://www.learnerdriving.org.uk/>

Personally I find it hard to remember a sequence of 4 verbal
directions[0], so suspect I'd find it difficult to cope with the new
test, but if I just look at a map I can get from A to G via B, C, D, E
and F, with A and G hundreds of miles apart on previously untravelled
roads without getting lost or making a wrong turn[1].

So how do you get from A to G?

[0] this doubly true with those from SWMBO, "then you come to a left
turn, by a Post Office, but you don't want that one", just fills my head
with clutter

[1] I just mentally "see" a topological map of way points with the turns
and distances between.


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