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Franklin Graham and Islam / S D Rodrian

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Datum: 05.05.2010 18:15
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The problem with religion is that it's
superstition--I have never been able
to understand how some people can
believe in gods but then refuse to belive
in leprechauns, fairies, ghosts, ghouls,
pixies & the rest: They're all the same
made-up fantasies.

And, the trouble with made up fantasies
is that any sick mind can make them up
(and usually they are the ones which do
this): SEE The Roots of Islamic Terrorism


"Imagine if a leading American imam decried
Christianity as an "evil" religion..." Well, I can
certainly imagine it --I don't exactly know
where Christianity might display EVIL, but
perhaps others with better knowledge of this
can point it out. But you can be certain that,
as a Christian*, I shall absolutely condemn
every evil trait in Christianity with all my heart.
Meanwhile here you WILL find many (certainly
not all) of the evils to be found in Islam:


Otherwise, just read your daily newspaper,
even though some are certainly much better
informed than others (why, just this morning
I woke up to the headline: "NY car bomb
suspect cooperates, but motive mystery."
Gosh, I sure hope he didn't do it because of
anyone Tiger Woods might have done...!

S D Rodrian

* I know there is no God, but I believe
in Him" (you know: like everybody else):
For there is no difference between the
statements "There is a God" and "There
is no God." They are both self-evident lies:
No human being KNOWS "There is a God"
any more than he knows "There is no God."
Both statements would be thrown out of
"most" courts--and the witness would in
all probability be remanded for psychiatric
evaluation. This is why religion is Faith
(opinions) and not Science (proofs).


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