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compact zoom cameras

Von: bof (nothingread@hotmail.com) [Profil]
Datum: 09.05.2010 14:31
Message-ID: <P2ntvZUFsq5LFw9a@hotmail.com>
Newsgroup: uk.misc

Anyone else have trouble with these? around 10 months ago I bought a
Canon IS200X with 12x zoom, the lens jammed after a few weeks, and the
camera became unusable, I got a replacement and the same thing happen to
it after a few months, so I then got a refund and instead bought a
Panasonic TZ7 with 12x zoom, now after a few months use the lens has
started jamming on that. I assume it's caused by dust and grit getting
in the zoom mechanics. Previously I had a Nikon 995 with 4x zoom but the
zoom was all sealed inside the body, that's still going strong after 10
years or so. It's annoying as, otherwise, the Canon was a really good


bof at bof dot me dot uk

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