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Ship Shit !Pellucid05.06.10
Dafte CuntePellucid01.06.10
Mark Steyn InterviewPellucid13.05.10
Wearing the PurplePellucid07.05.10
EUSSR (don't forget to Vote !)Pellucid02.05.10
Go gently into that good night.Non scrivetemi02.05.10
PING: DarkVader.starwars01.05.10
All together now. Arse holes unite!Anonymous01.05.10
Do not ignore matt.Anne Onime01.05.10
PING: The Other OneDave U. Random01.05.10
Information on Celtics abysmal performanceAnonymous Remaile...01.05.10
No need to reply. DNomen Nescio01.05.10
Vote Bigot :-)Aljy01.05.10
Gorgon BroonShitePellucid10.04.10
UK, the Nu Third WorldPellucid10.04.10
The seriously Aggressive Boor and Megalomaniac....Pellucid08.04.10
Fuzzy-Wuzzy, Teasy-Weasy !Pellucid03.04.10
Please don't forget to adjust your clocks!!!Mavis Barne27.03.10
Sharia Law for ScotlandPellucid08.03.10
The Deadly St.Valentine's Virus !Pellucid14.02.10
Our politicians don't help themselves only, but...McCorkindale11.02.10
Frankie the WankiePellucid30.01.10
Lets Allow !Pellucid24.01.10
The Wilders' TrialPellucid21.01.10
The future for Scotland.Pellucid20.01.10
Salmond caught-out in fishy asylum-seeker movePellucid19.01.10
Lies,Damn Lies and then there are StatisticsUsenet Nutter17.01.10
'EuroMed' Eurabian EU conspiracy by the unelec...Pellucid16.01.10
Multi-Culti UK Official StatisticsPellucid15.01.10
Everything is Lully !Pellucid14.01.10
You know it makes Sense !Pellucid13.01.10
Maurice KellettJim Campbell13.01.10
Joe StirlingJim Campbell13.01.10
Mad Numpty UK Gov !Pellucid12.01.10
Vote Lib Dem for the Ideal Future !Pellucid10.01.10
Sharia Law, -what the Archbish of Cant wants fo...Pellucid06.01.10
UK Gov = Total Joke !Pellucid05.01.10
'Symbolic Muslim Coffins' to be paraded in Woot...Pellucid03.01.10
GOLDEN DUAS For MankindIbrahim Ali02.01.10
HapPley nEuw yiEr yeW LoaT....hic!Crazy Aljy01.01.10
For this Christmas to All....McGrath25.12.09
Your local Gorgon speaks !Pellucid23.12.09
The Marquis de Sade speaks, -in 1797 !Pellucid23.12.09
The Core Fossil of IslamPellucid23.12.09
Islam in the UKPellucid23.12.09
Feeling lonely & depressed this Christmas?Dr Raymond Gibb23.12.09
Borders Bookshop Glasgow. A question about the ...Gavin22.12.09
Gorgon BroonshitePellucid22.12.09
UK Future in the EUPellucid20.12.09
More on the EU futurePellucid20.12.09