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Gay and homophobic TV this week

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Datum: 16.05.2010 01:40
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An Unexpected Love

A miserable suburban wife and mother decides to leave her humdrum
existence behind when she falls in love with another woman. Drama

Next on: 7am - Movies24

Worried About The Boy, BBC 4, 9pm. Biopic of Boy George

The Twilight of the Golds

A woman discovers her unborn baby has a genetic predisposition to
homosexuality, unwittingly exposing deep-seated prejudices within her
family. Drama

Next on: 4am - The Hallmark Channel


Four 21st Birthday Parties, Living 1, 8pm. From Eden in the Gay

Bi-sexual Virgins, Current TV, 10pm


Gods And Monsters, BBC 1, 11.30pm. 1998 drama.

James Whale made some of the best horror films ever during the 1930s
and 1940s, including Frankenstein, The Bride of Frankenstein, The
Invisible Man and The Old Dark House.

This emotive drama charts the relationship between the homosexual
director and his ex-Marine gardener in the aftermath of the Korean

Ian McKellen and Brendan Fraser are simply superb as the two
protagonists, while excellent support comes from Lynn Redgrave (who
gained an Oscar nomination for her role), Lolita Davidovich and David

Common Ground, True Movies, 3am.

An all star cast including Mimi Rogers, Jason Priestly, Margot Kidder
and Brittany Murphy in a story which examines the shifting attitudes
toward homosexuality over three generations.


American Dad!, FX, 10pm. Episode called Daddy Queerest.
Animated US comedy series about a man who works for the CIA and is
constantly on the alert for terrorist activity.

Stan unwittingly reveals his next door neighbour is gay during a
conversation with the man's father, and tries to find a way to make
amends for his blunder

Bi-sexual Virgins, Current TV, 0.00am


Wedding SOS - gay theme 1

Series following engaged couples in the run-up to their big day as
they cope with budgets, massive to-do lists and last minute hiccups

Next on: Friday 21st May 4:30pm - Sky 1

Glee runs on Mondays, Thursday and Fridays on E4 - and on Saturdays
and Sundays on Channel 4.

Jane Lynch plays a prominent lesbian in it, she seems to play the most
famous character in it in fact;


Homosexuality in the Orthodox Jewish community is the theme for Eyes
Wide Open - currently running at art cinemas etc;



In San Francisco, Harvey Milk becomes the first openly gay man elected
to a notable U.S. public office, before being assassinated by Dan
White in 1978

Next on: Saturday 22nd May 8am - Sky Movies Indie

Women in Love

An adaptation of D.H. Lawrence's controversial novel of two sisters in
1920s England and their complex relationships. From the D.H. Lawrence

Alan Bates and Oliver Reed famously wrestle nude.

Next on: Tuesday 25th May 9pm - TCM

Wedding SOS - gay theme 2

Series following engaged couples in the run-up to their big day as
they cope with budgets, massive to-do lists and last minute hiccups

Next on: Monday 24th May 4:30pm - Sky 1

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