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FAQ - Weekly FAQ for uk.gay-lesbian-bi

Von: paul (usenet@watman.clara.co.uk) [Profil]
Datum: 06.01.2010 19:33
Message-ID: <lql9k5hvs84smt53vdnm8k3ljqhhm03b9v@4ax.com>
Newsgroup: uk.gay-lesbian-bi
Weekly FAQ for uk.gay-lesbian-bi - Frequently Asked Questions - v1

Hello and welcome.

uk.gay-lesbian-bi provides a forum for the discussion of lesbian, gay
and bisexual related issues from a UK viewpoint. uk.gay-lesbian-bi is
intended as a safe space for lesbians, gay men, bisexuals, their friends
and those interested in matters of sexuality.
Discussion about the morality of such issues is therefore inappropriate
in this group.  All posters are requested to respect this.
The newsgroup is moderated and operates under the moderation guidelines
listed in the moderation policy statement in the charter.

All articles must be plain text and readable in plain text:  no HTML or
similar or attachments are allowed.  Encoded binaries e.g. pictures etc.
are forbidden.  All encoded binaries, HTML and other non-plain posts
identified by the moderation software will be rejected by the moderation
bot.  Owing to the current spam load and high level of forged IDs all
non-plain articles will be silently rejected by the moderation bot
without acknowledgment;  if you don't see your post on the group please
check your software's settings and the group's rejected list.

Advertising, tests etc:  Personal advertisements must not be posted to
uk.gay-lesbian-bi;  use uk.adverts.personals.gay-lesbian-bi or one of
the many other personal groups instead.  Commercial advertising is
forbidden.  Pointers to commercial sites fall under the rule about
commercial advertising other than statements in .sig files four lines or
under in length.  Test postings should be sent to appropriate test
groups.  Announcements of relevant events are allowed, but long
announcements are best precis'd with a link to the full text on a web
site (done by the poster).

Please do not top post;  when quoting parts of a previous post please
retain the author's name,  quote only enough to give context and place
your reply beneath the quoted section.

Excessive cross-posting is inappropriate.  Posters are requested to
restrict cross-posting to no more than two other newsgroups and all
such articles must meet the requirements of the charters of all groups

All posters who have made one approved posting will automatically be
added the pre-approved posters list, unless posting using a shared
non-individual generic 'From' address in which case all such articles
shall be approved individually.  All pre-approved posters will have
their articles automatically accepted and forwarded on to the group
unless contrary to the auto-reject software.  The remaining posts from
people not on the pre-approved list will be sent to the moderators.

For charter and full moderation policy statement, and log of rejected
posts see:  <http://utter.chaos.org.uk/~ukglb/>

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