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Young Swedish women more likely to have sex with each other: study

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Datum: 24.12.2009 09:00
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>From The Local: http://www.thelocal.se/24026/20091223/

> Young Swedes have ever more fluid definitions of sex and sexuality,
> according to a new study from Mälmö University in southern Sweden.
> Women in particular are more likely to pursue sexual activities with
> others of the same gender.

> The survey showed that 31 percent of young women and 7 percent of young
> men said that they were most often sexually attracted to people of the
> opposite sex, but sometimes they were attracted to people of their own
> gender.
> Thirty-nine percent of the women and 8 percent of the men reported
> having sexual fantasies about both genders.
> Young women were also far more likely than their male counterparts to
> act on their same-sex fantasies, with 13 percent of female respondents
> and 3 percent of male respondents reporting that they have had sex with
> both men and women.

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