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Noble Bandit, A Cup of Poetry

Von: R Ayala (ra7682@gmail.com) [Profil]
Datum: 15.12.2009 08:34
Message-ID: <5be3deeb-ab7b-4744-a141-fae8d3278801@x5g2000prf.googlegroups.com>
Newsgroup: uk.gay-lesbian-bi
She is the author of some 90-100 works.  Her timeless poetry sings to
young and old,  of afternoons and twilight, as she reflects on the
human condition.  She touches on many themes central to the romantic
imagination: love, longing and the effects of time.   Her poems  hold
a special appeal to gay men but at the same time speak to a wider

My Fav Man

Iím not your normal teenager
Iíve been thru quite a lot
Looks left and right and whispers
I post only in green font

neways, ppl seem to know me
I have a winning smile
On first glance look pretty good
>From fashion to hairstyle

So here I am and so r u
Öin a brill mood today
I get compliments all the time
Yes, Dear, Literally.

Quiet and dark coz itís midnight
Getting late I see
Come back take a nap
How time flies away

Too awesome for adjectives
Itís alright for me
Did I mention Iím A Ladyboy
*hug hug* I know you donít believe.

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