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Help Please: Re UnderU model Pictures

Von: robert manning (leo1052@hotmail.com) [Profil]
Datum: 06.11.2009 19:02
Message-ID: <q4GdnWIcguZgwmnXnZ2dnUVZ7oednZ2d@giganews.com>
Newsgroup: uk.gay-lesbian-bi
Hi, as a fan of UnderU.com I was delighted to receive the summer brochure
last year 08 with some stunning pictures which used used the same model
throughout for the photo shoot advertising the various brands of new
underwear/swimwear for that summer. Having a sort out recently The brochure
was finally and reluctantly put aside for the bin, sad I know but as the
model used for the brochure was so cute it was a kind of love affair that
was eventually going nowhere and I decided it was time to end. Well not
quite, I thought I would put in a search to see if I could download some
pictures to the pc. No such luck, I have not seen this guy on any related
blogs etc and despite  various searches have had no luck in identifying this
guy. The brochure gives no information except for the agency Ellison Lee and
the photographer Paul Smith. Searches along those lines have not produced
any results either. I have no intention of getting in touch with the company
as I have no legitimate reason to do so other than the fact that I think the
model is just so damn hot and I don't think that they would accept that as a
good enough reason to provide me with any information. I look at various
fashion shoot pictures as  I love the photography anyway and I think that
some of the models are stunningly beautiful and look more sexy partly
clothed than to see endless blatant images which are rarely creative in
there content and give neither the photographer or the model any credit for
creativity. If any one out there was as smitten as I was receiving the
brochure and can provide a name for this model or any links to further
images it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in anticipation. Robert

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