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Stephen Gately sudden death shock

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Sunday Times report from Times Online this evening:

"Pop world shocked by sudden death of Stephen Gately - Pamela Rolfe in
Madrid and David Brown

[caption:] Boyzone were one of the most successful boy bands in history

"The world of pop was in shock today after the sudden death of the
Boyzone singer Stephen Gately at the age of just 33.

Mr Gately was found dead lying on a sofa at a luxury holiday apartment
in Spain after a night of partying.  Police were called to the apartment
on the island of Majorca, where the Irish singer had been staying with
his partner, yesterday afternoon.

"There was no suicide note or evidence of any drug use or excessive
drinking and the dead man's friends were at a loss to explain what had
happened," said a source who had been called to the scene.  "All we know
so far is that they had gone out the night before till late and had
quite a few drinks and raised the alert when they found Stephen dead."

The source said Mr Gately's partner, Andrew Cowles, and a Spanish man
were at the flat in the upmarket resort of Port Andratx when detectives
arrived.  "Police got the call at 1.45pm and we think they called as
soon as they discovered Stephen's body," he added.  "I'm surmising but
it may be that he simply died of a heart attack.  He was only 33 and
it's uncommon but these sort of things can happen to anyone at any age."
A spokesman for the Civil Guard in Palma said:  "There were no signs of
violence either on his body or in the home."

Mr Gately, who married Mr Cowles in a civil union in 2006, sent ripples
through the pop music world ten years ago when he announced that he was

The four remaining members of Boyzone's are flying out to the Spanish
island today.  "Stephen tragically died yesterday whilst on holiday with
his partner Andrew in Majorca," said the message on the band's tour
website.  "The rest of the boyz will be flying out today."

An investigating judge will be placed in charge of the inquiry into
Gately's death in the next few hours.  The judge is expected to
interview Mr Cowles, who is believed to have found the body at the
apartment which the owned together.  The post-mortem is expected to be
delayed until Tuesday because tomorrow is a bank holiday in Spain and
the results, along with a toxicology report, are due to completed by

A source said that investigators will try to establish from relatives if
there was anything in the singer's medical history that might explain
his death.  "All the police know officially at the moment is that
Stephen Gately is dead, he was found dead on a living room sofa and
there were no signs of violence or evidence of suicide or any obvious
evidence pointing to another," said a source.

Gately attended ITV1's Pride Of Britain Awards with former band member
Ronan Keating on Monday - it was the last time he was photographed

Keating was "totally devastated" and was on his way back from the United
States at the moment, said his spokesman.  Shane Lynch, a fellow member
of the band, told the News of the World:  "Me and the boys are flying
out in the morning.  We just need to get over to where he's passed and
work out what we need to do."

Gately joined Boyzone in 1993 after answering an advert in Dublin to
audition for Ireland's first boyband.  The band went on to enjoy huge
success with six number one singles.  They split up in 2000 but reunited
seven years later.  He also starred in West End musicals, including
Joseph and The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, and appeared on the ITV1
show Dancing on Ice.

Bertie Ahern, the former Irish Former Taoiseach, led tributes to the
singer, saying:  "Boyzone and Stephen, they've all been part of Irish
life and far wider than that, the last 15 years, and so successful, so
it's a huge, huge tragedy.  "He was 33 years of age, 15 years at the
top, a fine musician, it's just a huge tragedy to Irish entertainment,
Irish music and further afield as well."  Mr Ahern, whose daughter
Georgina married to Nicky Byrne of boyband Westlife, continued:  "It's
just such a tragedy.  The Gatelys are in my own constituency.  I know
the family, I know Stephen."

Sir Elton John said he and his partner, David Furnish, were "stunned" by
news of the singer's death.  "Stephen was the kindest, gentlest soul. We
send our love and condolences to his partner Andy and to all his friends
everywhere," said Sir Elton.

Paul Gambaccini, the presenter and music historian, said:  "This wasn't
supposed to happen.  This was not in the script.  "Stephen's band name
had the term 'boy' in it and boys, which they were when they were
popular in the 90s, aren't supposed to go this quickly."

Gateley last posted a message on his Twitter page on October 6, writing:
"Still busy, lots going on.  Focusing on finishing my book next so may
be quiet here."

Scores of devastated fans posted tributes on the singer's Facebook page,
expressing sadness and disbelief at the news of his death.

Gately spoke in April about his physical preparations for Boyzone's
latest tour.  "I've been trying to get in to shape, going to the gym
every other day, just making sure that you eat well, look well," he
said.  "You want to do your best on stage for the audience. I think it's
really important to be fit, to look your best.  "You've got to better
yourself, make sure that the audience is getting good value for money,
and come up with new things on stage visually, as well as sounds."

Sunday Times report:
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