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Norton warned for perpetuating potentially offensive stereotypes of lesbians

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The BBC reported last Saturday:

"Norton warned over lesbian joke

"The BBC has reprimanded Graham Norton's chat show for perpetuating
"potentially offensive stereotypes" of lesbians.  The corporation upheld
a complaint about a show in which the star made comments about a patent

Referring to a woman used to illustrate the application, Norton said: "I
don't know why they've got some strange lesbian to be the model."

The BBC said a subsequent exchange with a guest could have been seen to
reinforce a negative stereotype.

After the comments, guest Ruth Jones, the star and co-writer of sitcom
Gavin and Stacey, scolded Norton, saying: "She may not be a lesbian,
come on now".  She went on to say people should not be judged by their
appearance, asking the host: "What does a lesbian look like?"

Indicating the illustration, Norton replied: "That".  He also stressed:
"Anyway, there's nothing wrong with being a lesbian".

One viewer complained to the BBC about the episode, broadcast on BBC Two
in March. The BBC's Editorial Complaints Unit agreed with their
comments.  "Although the initial references might have been inoffensive
if considered on their own, they prompted an exchange with one of the
programme's guests which gave the references the appearance of
perpetuating or reinforcing a potentially offensive stereotype," the BBC
said.  "The programme team were reminded of the need to avoid any
possibility of being seen to endorse offensive sexual stereotypes."

Norton's chat show is set to move to BBC One this autumn.

BBC report:  http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/entertainment/8276255.stm
(C) Copyright acknowledged © BBC 2009

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