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Exchange rate question - confused!

Von: Justin Credible (matt.finish@btopenworld.com) [Profil]
Datum: 19.05.2010 19:22
Message-ID: <77VIn.12673$NX6.12216@newsfe22.ams2>
Newsgroup: uk.finance
My wife has an option to buy Wal-Mart shares in a couple of years time at
20% below what they were valued at last year.

Talking about a run on the pound as a result of the coalition government
here, I joked "good, good, the weaker the pound the better" and when I was
asked why I explained about the shares to be bought in dollars.

"But you want a strong pound" I was told by more than one person.

Which has now confused me.

So which is better for my wife, a weak £-$ rate or a strong one?

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