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The true cost of not saving Greece has been estimated at>>>

Von: thedarkman (a_baron@abaron.demon.co.uk) [Profil]
Datum: 06.05.2010 19:36
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> What a load of bollocks.  Only capitalism works.  Your stupid
> socialist ideas are long discredited.

If I were conspiratorially minded I'd say you were a bankers' shill
instead of the arsehole you are.

Social Credit is NOT socialism and it has NOT been discredited, but
this is NOT Social Credit. You are simply repeating the same mantra
over and over again, proof by affirmation.

Banks create money out of nothing and sell it to the state. Why does
the state not create this credit itself debt-free?

Or are you so stupid that you would like to see the whole world drown
in debt?

This woman is a lawyer but she uses simple language that even an idiot
like you should be able to understand:


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