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This Greek bailout is not a recovery plan - it is an economic death spiral

Von: thedarkman (a_baron@abaron.demon.co.uk) [Profil]
Datum: 06.05.2010 17:26
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On May 5, 10:11 pm, vjp2...@at.BioStrategist.dot.dot.com wrote:
> The Greek government should introduce a pension equity tax.  Pensions
> deemed to be excessively generous should be taxed and the proceeds
> used to pay the pensions of the needy. This would work like Obama's
> tax on "Cadillac Health Plans". For example, a hairdresser who
> retired at 50 istead of 67 would have to pay for the extra seventeen
> years. SUch a tax can be used to bring EU pensions in line with each other.
No, it should not! The problem is not the people of Greece, the
problem and the solution are at the links below.

The Greek Government has now committed itself to slashing the standard
of living of all its citizens to pay off an imaginary debt with real
money at interest.

This debt can never be redeemed. Never! So no, now!!

The protesters have the right idea, they're burning the banks. Who
needs banks? See third link.




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