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Stupid, useless, Toolstation

Von: Steve Firth (%steve%@malloc.co.uk) [Profil]
Datum: 05.06.2010 15:57
Message-ID: <1jjmbfh.145iquo24xs6aN%%steve%@malloc.co.uk>
Newsgroup: uk.d-i-y
I've been using Toolstation for walk-in purchases since they opened
their counter (opposite Screwfix) in Winchester. Mostly OK if you ignore
the cheaper and nastier end of their range.

Never again.

Last time I was there the manager suggested that instead of walking in
and spending time ordering I should pick on-line then select "collect at
branch" and the good would be waiting for me.

So today I did that for some gardening tools.

Then once I got the confirmation that the order had been picked I drove
down to collect them. The counter droid looked shifty when I handed him
the invoice. "Ah" he said "you can't collect this today." Why not?
Because the useless divots at Toolstation don't tell you that the order
is picked at a remote depot and sent for collection at the store why
anyone would want to do this rather than have home delivery is beyond
me. Delivery also takes "up to a week" but they thought I might be able
to collect it Tuesday or Wednesday.

I called the depot to cancel the order. They refused to cancel it. I've
told them to stick the entire bloody order where the sun doesn't shine.
And this is just a warning. Don't ever use Toolstation's "collect at
branch" feature, because it's pointless.

I'll not shop there again, they are on the same list as BT and British
Gas now.

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