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D cell Ah ratings

Von: chris French (newspost-c-002@familyfrench.co.uk) [Profil]
Datum: 07.06.2010 11:17
Message-ID: <oS$YgeC7kLDMNAH3@blackhole.familyfrench.co.uk>
Newsgroup: uk.d-i-y
Would have thought this was easy to find, but i've goggled and it's not
straight away obvious.

Anyone know what the Ah ratings for typical Alakaline or Zinc carbon D
cells is?

I've picked up an LED lantern to use for camping that takes D cells. I
was wanting to check on the ratings of disposable D cells to compare
them to NiMh to see if I think it's worth buying some for the amount of
use it would get.

Cheap NiMH seem to be hardly anymore than AA in capacity, decent sized
ones (5000 mAh - 10000 mAh) cna be pretty expensive

Chris French

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