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uPVC Window fixings - large window - how many?

Von: Tim Watts (tw@dionic.net) [Profil]
Datum: 05.06.2010 13:44
Message-ID: <hudda2$603$1@news.eternal-september.org>
Newsgroup: uk.d-i-y

New uPVC window arrived today for daughter's bedroom (that's teh last of
the iron single glazed windows going).

It is 1480 wide x 880mm high.

Side fixings are no problem - I reckoned on 3-4 each side of my personal
favourite Fischer FS 8x100mm frame fixings with caps. All into solid brick.

However - how many should I be looking to do along the top and bottom?

I've seen some forums saying "none".

The top could be fixed into a "beam" of 1.5 x 3" high timber (not a
lintle). TBH the window frame is probably stonger than this wood anyway,
but a few SS screws are easy enough. Anything more robust would need
some steel straps back to the inner brick leaf - that's a bit more
fiddling than I'd like...

The bottom is harder - big (30mm ish) gap then clay tiles then brick.
Reckon I could put some long frame fixings through this lot with some
difficulty of not cracking the tiles *and* drilling against a 20 degree
slope. I'm wondering if it will contribute that much compared to the
foam... The windows do have immensely strong steel inside.

I will of course be foaming round afterwards (where space permits -
these windows should (hopefully!) be a "nice fit" into the unrendered
brick leaf and the massive gap at the bottom will be covered with trim
strip.) The final sealing will be some acrylic frame sealant. That set
of techniques all went very well on some tiny windows I fitted last
year, but they were tiny so not many fixing needed.



Tim Watts

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