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Old engine oil as wood preserver

Von: David in Normandy (davidinnormandy@nospam.nospam) [Profil]
Datum: 07.06.2010 16:51
Message-ID: <4c0d078a$0$2989$ba4acef3@reader.news.orange.fr>
Newsgroup: uk.d-i-y
After reading a recent thread on here about using old engine oil mixed
with diesel and coal dust as a creosote replacement I decided to try
painting an old oak post in the garden just using old engine oil.

I didn't have any coal to hand and diesel costs money. The old engine
oil came fresh out of the lawn mower and I painted it on while still
quite warm. It seems to have worked well. The post soaked all the oil up
within around 24 hours to become touch dry. It has since darkened over
the last few days almost becoming black but looks just like it has been
creosoted. The oily smell has subsided too.

The post supports two large half moon hanging baskets and looks quite
good with the makeshift *creosote*.

I don't know how good it will be at preserving the post but I bet it has
annoyed the resident woodworm which were infesting it badly in one place.

David in Normandy.   DavidinNormandy@yahoo.fr
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