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Re: Cable clips

Von: Dave Osborne (daveyozno@spamymail.com) [Profil]
Datum: 07.06.2010 00:51
Message-ID: <872n3tFnmaU1@mid.individual.net>
Newsgroup: uk.d-i-y
Garry wrote:
> What size cable clips are used for
> 25mm Tails and 16mm earth wire.
> I cant seem to find the coorect ones.
> thanks
> Garry

Never seen meter tails clipped in my whole life...

Usually (IME), if the meter and consumer unit are immediately adjacent,
clips for tails are not necessary. (The DNO/meter operator almost
certainly won't have used clips between the cutout and meter and they're
not yours to mess with so notionally, you shouldn't clip them either).
If meter and consumer unit are further apart (up to 2m length of tails
notional max.), then tails usually go in 50 x 50 plastic trunking.

However, what Tim says (except I would go for white, not black!).

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