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Leaking chimney, but where is the water getting in? (see pics)

Von: Calum (trust111@calum.com) [Profil]
Datum: 07.06.2010 08:22
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Hello all

I've just had a loft conversion completed on a victorian semi.  The
rear of the house is one large dormer with a (nearly) flat roof, and
we've left the chimney stack in place as we might use the dining room
fireplace one day.

The problem we have is that rain is getting in somewhere and coming
through the chimney breast plasterin the new loft room, but the roofer
can't work out where this is coming from.

Here is a picture of the plaster with a roll of masking tape for
scale. There are pencil lines around the damp circles as I was
measuring to see if they got bigger.

Here are pictures from the outside:

The roofer has re-pointed and patched up the mortar slope to the (very
old and unused) central heating cowel.  The cowel was covered in a
plastic bag, but that made no difference.

If it rains moderately for an hour, the patches appear/get worse and
then take a week or two to dry out.  To me that looks like the water
is being funnelled down quite effectively.

Could it really be soaking in from the brick?  What else could it be?

Thanks for your thoughts

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