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Car battery / false alarm trigger?

Von: Lobster (davidlobsterpot601@hotmail.com) [Profil]
Datum: 07.06.2010 21:31
Message-ID: <gObPn.3533$aO4.1708@hurricane>
Newsgroup: uk.rec.cars.maintenance uk.d-i-y
The (factory-fitted) alarm on my Zafira has started sounding
occasionally while parked up, for no apparent reason.

My thought is that the car battery may not be providing it with enough
juice (as these days it is mostly used for short journeys and probably
isn't getting charged enough (indeed, I did have to put it on charge
some weeks ago) and consequently the alarm goes off because it thinks
someone's thieved the car battery.  IIRC it's the car's original battery
(~7 years old).

It went off yesterday evening while parked outside (not having been
driven for several hours); but I had no difficulty in starting it this
morning.  I called in to my local automotive accessory shop, which
offers 'free battery testing'; bloke attached a multimeter-type gizmo
across the terminals, punched in some specs for my battery, and the
thing came up with "Good battery" display

Does the panel think my original hypothesis is correct?  Anything else I
can check or test?  Otherwise is it a trip to the Vauxhall dealer (who I
normally don't go near) to sort out the alarm/immobiliser?


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