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It wont stay shut by itself

Von: john hamilton (bluestarx@mail.invalid) [Profil]
Datum: 06.06.2010 16:44
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When working on my car, I bring it right up close to the house and lay my
tools out on the floor behind the front door.  Since you never know when it
will rain, it works out very handy since then all I have to do is close the
door; and don't have to be picking up all the tools.

Now if its not warm the family doesn't like the cold air coming into the
house and they want the front door shut, which is fair enough. Since the
door just swings open I have to keep getting the keys out of my pocket to
open the door.

I would like the door to stay shut on its own accord, yet just open with a
push without having to use the keys. There is no room on the door jamb to
screw one of those helical spring self closers. And anyway in general use we
dont want the door to close by itself. Which also rules out one of those
hydraulic self closers which could fit on at the top of the door.

Have tried using the strongest cuboard magnet I can find (In north London
u.k.), but if the wind picks up surprisingly it will just not hold.   Also
tried cutting a thin wedge of cork glued to an upright jamb which makes the
door a tight fit when closed. However the door shrinks in the summer and
expands in the winter so that only works for about half the year.

Grateful for any suggestions, especially something similar to the cork
arrangement which works just fine prividing the weather suits it.    Thanks.

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